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Support within everyone’s reach

There are many ways to support Le Refuge Bruxelles. From financial or material donations to volunteering, all the way to partnerships and simple sharing of information, everyone can make a contribution at their own level, with their own means and resources. Explore below the different ways to support us and choose your angle of support:


The needs of the young people we welcome are manifold.
Help us to keep our shelter alive by making a financial or material donation.

Become a volunteer

Do you have some time and energy to invest in our cause? Make your contribution by joining our team of volunteers!

Make a donation

Make a financial donation

For financial donations, you can transfer an amount you feel is appropriate to support our actions to our account.

To make a payment by credit card & Bancontact, simply use our 100% secure platform, follow this link

You can also send your donations by bank transfer using the following details. Please indicate “Support Refuge Bruxelles” in the free communication:

BE 35 7360 5387 1137

For any questions about donations, please feel free to contact us. A huge thanks for your support!

For a mobile payment, scan the QR code below:

Make a material donation

Material donations can be very varied and can take the form of school supplies, furniture, kitchen equipment, hygiene and beauty products, clothing, entertainment, etc.

Le Refuge Bruxelles has an internal “shop” run by our volunteers where the young people we welcome can come and collect supplies according to their needs.

If you would like to make a material donation to Le Refuge, please contact us via to discuss the modalities of reception.


Become a volunteer

The role of volunteer

Do you share the values promoted by our project and would you like to give a little of yourself to it? Becoming a volunteer at Le Refuge Bruxelles means becoming part of a team of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who devote time and resources to the accomplishment of the various missions around which our action is based.

The time commitment depends on your availability: some volunteers choose to be involved every week, while others prefer to participate on an ad hoc basis. The only time constraint: every second Thursday of the month, we organise a volunteer meeting, either face-to-face or online, to take stock of the situation, discuss upcoming events, propose new projects and get to know newcomers. These meetings are also an ideal opportunity to strengthen the bonds of the team.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Le Refuge, here are the steps to follow:

1. Get acquainted with the mission of Le Refuge Bruxelles by reading the information about us on our website and our social networks and start thinking about how you want to get involved with Le Refuge;

2. Contact Marie-Laure, the volunteer coordinator, via;

3. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to the next information session with other candidates;

4. After this session, if your application is successful, you will sign a volunteer contract and join the volunteers team!

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Marie-Laure, the volunteer coordinator, via