Mr Bear Belgium 2022 sells lollipops in aid of the CADAL

Chocolate bear paws in aid of the CADAL


Easter is around the corner and it’s time for chocolate and sweets!

As part of his mandate as Mr Bear Belgium 2022, Damien Perry has started producing and selling chocolate lollipops to benefit the Shelter Center for LGBTQI+ Asylum Seekers (CADAL), which we created in December 2021.

The lollipops come in three different kinds: Dark chocolate and caramel lollipops in the shape of a bear paw, as well as round dark or milk chocolate lollipops featuring LGBTQI+ messages. The best part? The lollipops are 100% organic, fair trade, local and artisanal (made with love in collaboration with Mr Bear 2012)!

The lollipops are sold in packs of 5 lollipops for 10 euros per pack. All profits from the sale will be donated to the CADAL.

Your mouth is watering? Damien and our volunteers will sell the lollipops between 7:30 and 10:30 pm from Wednesday March 30 to Sunday April 3, and between 7:30 and 10:30 pm from Wednesday April 6 to Sunday April 10, 2022 in the establishments of the Marché au Charbon street in Brussels.

Don’t hesitate to come and order…

Bon appetit! 🐻