Inauguration of the first housing for homeless LGBTQI+ people

A project at the intersection of homelessness and LGBTQI-phobias


On Monday 20 December 2021, we inaugurated Brussels’ first accommodation for homeless LGBTQI+ people.

Unlike Le Refuge Bruxelles, the four places in this accommodation will not be reserved mainly for young LGBTQI+ people aged 18 to 25, but for all LGBTQI+ people.

This Housing First project brings together the Housing Management of the City of Brussels for the provision of the accommodation, Le Refuge Bruxelles for its expertise on LGBTQI+ issues and support, and Samu Social, via Stepforward, for its expertise on homelessness.

Special thanks to the partners involved, the City of Brussels and Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi, Deputy burgomaster for Equal Opportunities and Housing.